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Name:Tristain Lawrence Hewitt
Birthdate:Nov 1
Location:Manhattan, New York, United States of America
Website:@ dreamlikenewyork

Tristan Lawrence Hewitt was a born and bred Hollywood kid, the only son to a disgustingly rich movie producer, Lawrence Hewitt, and world famous actress, Kenzie Kingsley. He was the product of a whirlwind lover affair that was spread all over the media and was the epitome of paparazzi fodder. Because of that, it was never going to be long-lived. Life in Hollywood was fleeting, and relationships like that always seemed doomed.

It lasted all of six months after Tristan was born before it crashed and burned spectacularly. To this day, Tristan's parents will only speak to each other through lawyers. Tristan, now in his 20s, is happy if they just keep their shit out of his. He was never particularly close to either parent, and they both tried to buy his affections, so he was a rich kid from day one. As such, he developed expensive tastes and simply lived the life he was born into. He now has two stepbrothers and a stepsister from his father's subsequent marriage to his personal assistant that has, miraculously, lasted.

In middle school, Tristan met Presley Monroe, an English kid who had been born in Las Vegas but brought up in England until he was 10 years old. He ended up on Los Angeles due to his father's job. They got along like a house on fire and soon became best friends. It's a friendship that has now lasted years, and they are both based in New York City because of their own careers. But where Presley ended up an entrepreneur - exactly where he belonged - Tristan ended up a fashion model when he was 17 and was considered one of the male supermodels by the time he was 20.

He modelled all over the world for some of the top designers for a few years. With an innate love for fashion, he also wanted to get an education because he was more than aware he couldn't be a model forever. He was a hard worker, and he studied a degree in Fashion Design and went on to do a Masters in Marketing. As it was, Tristan's passion for modelling began to die out. He found it monotonous and being in the celebrity spotlight began to take it's toll. The pressures almost pushed him into a dangerous eating disorder territory, and when he found himself frequently on the binge and purge cycle to try to keep his body model-fit, he decided it was time to quit that business.

Hearing of his decision to leave the modelling business, Gen and Paris Hart approached him to offer him a proposal of joining the FABULOUS magazine's board as a fashion consultant. With his extensive experience with fashion and education in Marketing, he was a perfect candidate. He agreed, and started to work for the magazine. In fact, Tristan was the first one to notice that Gen's Personal Assistant, Ajay Bellerose, showed signs of bulimia, but he never had a chance to broach the subject before Ajay suddenly dropped off the face of the earth.

Tristan was incredibly successful with his position on the board of the magazine because he thought and worked in very similar ways to Gen and Paris. They knew they could rely on him to keep their vision of the magazine alive, and he often supported them in tough decisions about what direction to take. As a result, he was soon offered a promotion by them to Fashion Director and Editor of the magazine, and he didn't even have to think on it before he accepted it. He has proven to be a great support for them when their personal lives exploded, especially Gen with her marriage to Mark Campbell, and the appearance of Mark's teenage son, Justin.

Tristan is bisexual, but very choosy in who he dates or sleeps with. He would rather chill out with an expensive bottle of wine than have average sex or force an average relationship his heart wasn't into. He hopes to settle down, loves the idea of marriage, but has never met anyone who comes remotely close to fitting the bill. He doesn't want children, though he's not completely closed off to the idea if there is a natural progression to that in his life later down the track. Mostly, he is content living his life. He has a successful career record under his belt, has plenty of money, his pride and joy is his Aston Martin sports car, and he isn't wanting for anything.

Tristan is an original character for RP musebox/PSL, [community profile] dreamlikenewyork. His bio and backstory were written by his creator. His PB is Simon Nessman, who belongs to himself. No infringement intended.

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